The Beginning of My Journey With the 4-Hour Body Diet

Empty asphalt road. Sunset Sky
Empty asphalt road. Sunset Sky

My name is Mike, and this is my first blog entry detailing my journey on Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body Diet. Over the course of my life thus far, I haven’t been what you would call a “diet person”, even though I have dabbled in dieting here and there. So it’s logical that when I decided I needed to start losing weight a while back, my original plan was to ramp up my physical activity as opposed to changing my diet. I’ve been more physically active in this past year than I’ve been a lot of my life. I’ve run two half marathons in this last year along with a handful of shorter races. I also joined a CrossFit gym about five month ago. While I’ve noticed my strength increase, I have not seen my scale budge. No matter what I did, I’ve always been real close to about 245 to 250 pounds, and was really disappointed  that I hadn’t seen the scale change at all, even with all the added activity. However, I now know why. I drink more than the average person probably should, and I’m not someone who avoids carbs, I’m not somebody who really pays attention to portion size. It’s really not a surprise when I really look at what I’m eating, as to why I’m not moving the scale: at least, not in the right direction.

So, What Can’t You Eat?

Of course, the first thing that people want to know is “what won’t I be able to eat on this diet?” Although I prefer not to focus on the negatives, this diet spells out a few somewhat unique things that are definitely off limits (other than the obvious classics, like sugar and dairy):

  • The first is not eating anything that is considered a “white carb.” This means no potatoes, no rice, no breads, or anything that could be considered white in color. This also includes something that’s a whole grain or something that could be bleached to be white. If there’s a version of whatever you’re eating that could be white, the diet requires you to stay away from it altogether.
  • The second thing is no eating fruit, and although I didn’t think that was going to be hard for me to follow, it turns out it’s a bit more difficult than I expected. Fruit is in a lot of things, and it turns out I used fruit as a sweetener a lot, especially in smoothies. There are a few other somewhat expected features of the diet, but the white carbs and fruit have been the biggest adjustments for me.

No Anti-Carb Mentality

You may also know the 4 Hour Body Diet as the Slow-Carb Diet, but no matter what you call it, this is a first journey into try a structured diet for me in quite some time. I’ve calorie counted in the past, and have also done the Weight Watchers Diet. While those have both worked to some extent, the thing I really like about the Slow-Carb Diet is that the diet is typically very high in protein, and there’s not necessarily a limit on the amount of protein that you can eat. It’s also not like the Atkins diet where you have to eliminate all carbs, and the lack of an anti-carb mentality makes this diet a lot more realistic and flexible for me. When I go out to eat and there’s a situation where I might not be in total control of what food is being prepared, I’ve found—so far, at least—that there’s always some food option I can have, and I’m never super disappointed in it either!


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