Happy Life or Healthy Body? Pick one.

The 4-Hour Body Slow-Carb diet is not about losing weight. It’s not about using the strategies and tactics to game and trick your body into losing fat and gaining muscle without exercise. There’s a greater purpose that nobody talks about when you engage in the 4-Hour Body. That purpose is about creating a significant change in the habits that form your life. The habits that I’m talking about are the ones that help you have a healthier body AND have a happier life.

A lot of people view diets as having to give up on a happier life in order to have a happier body.  Quit doing all the things I enjoy, stop eating all of my favorite things and start doing things I hate. I say that’s bullshit. I don’t want to be a part of a program where I have to choose between whether I feel good or whether I’m happy. For me, excluding the things that I love in my life which might be sweet foods, beers after work… the things that create the experiences and memories that I’ll have forever.

I look at my slow carb experiment as an opportunity to shift, drinking and exercise habits. It’s a way to kickstart a lifetime of better choices in my future. It is creating the possibility of choice.  In the past I might have given into the temptation to drink every night.  Or, if I had one bad meal it would cascade into a waterfall of bad eating choices for days or weeks on end.

For me, Slow-Carb is not about losing weight through a series of tricks. It’s about using these techniques to help me understand that in every moment, at every meal, every day I have a choice to make. And sometimes, that choice is to eat a crappy meal, or drink too much.  It is when I am back in control of my choices, I can then blend my choices to create a balance that achieves both a happy life and a healthy body.

In this world I choose to have it all.

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