First Cheat Day Complete: Here’s How it Went

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t THIS bad…

Yesterday was my first cheat day on the Four-Hour Body Diet, and I’d been looking forward to it all week. Believe it or not, I’d actually been using the cheat day as a way to help me stay on the diet because I was able to deny any cravings for foods that were not on the diet because hey, I could eat it on my cheat day. The cheat day itself was, as you can imagine, pretty awesome. I got to eat everything and anything I wanted. I had sushi for lunch, probably at more than I should have had. Last night was a steak and lobster benefit for a group that I’m in and I had plenty of steak and lobster and chowder and ice cream and I can’t even remember everything else. I course, I drank a bunch yesterday too: any alcohol that I wanted. I didn’t limit myself in any way. After my wife and I got home and we dismissed the sitter, I dove into the leftover pizza and chicken nuggets that were sitting out and ate like a pig.

Not surprisingly, I don’t feel awesome today. Like I suspected, the fact that I feel bad is the point of the Four Hour Body Diet including a cheat day in the first place: it helps me connect those bad decisions with the bad way my body is feeling. Slow Carb isn’t about counting calories, but I was curious so I entered all of the things I remembered eating yesterday into the My Fitness Pal app and it told me that I ate over 5,000 calories yesterday. I really should be eating around 2,200, so I ate more than double what I should have! In addition to simply counting calories, The app has an interesting feature that tells you what your weight would be if you ate that daily amount of consumed calories every day, and it told me I’d gain 11 pounds in five weeks. That’s pretty crazy.

Now, every time I’ve used the app on the diet and saw the numbers, I came away feeling motivated. Well, when I ate like I did yesterday, that number went the other way. It’s not a surprise that I have made to the weight that I currently am based off of this understanding. The way I ate yesterday on my cheat day, I can’t honestly say that it’s that far off from a lot of the days over the week, especially if I’m drinking, because I always wind up snacking. I’ll come home from work and snack and then I’ll have dinner. Then after dinner I’ll have a drink then snack some more and steal a few chicken nuggets that I had made for my daughter. I’ll even put a few extra in the oven so I can snack on those, too.

One of the benefits of the Slow Carb diet has been getting me in the habit of actually tracking what I’m eating and paying attention to what I’m actually putting in my body. Just by tracking these things, I’m much more aware of the choices that I’m making (and their consequences) and I feel much more in control of my ability to manage my weight based off of those choices. With one cheat day down, I am excited to return to my new and normal eating habits and I’ll be putting off my junk food and drinking for another week, which has got to be helping me with my goal of losing weight. I can see how eating poorly like I did yesterday could easily turn into another day of eating poorly, which could lead to another, and another.

This morning when I got up, the last thing I wanted to make was a Four-Hour Body compliant smoothie; it just didn’t sound good to me at all. I wanted to have something greasy: I wanted to suggest to my wife that we go out and grab breakfast, a meal which would probably have consisted of eggs, greasy potatoes, cheese, bacon…things that would just make me revert back to my poor ways of eating. However, knowing that I’ve got to remain true to the plan which has given me the tools to make a different choice—which is to eat healthfully— I am going to spend this next week committed to eating well, as opposed to getting more and more into trouble each day by getting lazier about controlling the types of things that I’m putting into my body.


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