My Interview on The Podcast

J. Massey of

I was recently interviewed by J. Massy of the Podcast.  Jay produced a special series profiling entrepreneurs who have reached the magical number of producing $100K in a month.

From J:

In this episode, I get to chat with Mike Schmidt, a pretty cool entrepreneur who just out of college started a web-design company. Mike’s company has now built around 1,000 sites, but not just willy-nilly. He systemized the business.

Mike is now taking his next steps, and his company is consistently earning more than $100K per month by automating the systems and creating recurring income. The main driver that pushed Mike and his team to go for the gold is the stress he felt at the beginning of each month. He says it felt like climbing a mountain, and it was getting old.




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Get Ready For the Debut of My New Podcast!

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I’ve recently begin recording a new podcast called “Entrepreneur on the Spot”, and I love it. Personally, I’ve wanted a podcast for the last few years. I’ve become a big fan of lots of entrepreneurial podcasts such as “Entrepreneur on Fire”, “Smart Passive Income”, and a lot of others. For me, one of the biggest hurdles to getting into podcasting is content: what the heck am I going to podcast about? I read a lot online about how to start a podcast and even pulled the trigger on some equipment that is currently sitting on my desk unused because I’ve been waiting for the right moment and the right idea to start this podcast idea off with a bang.

Yesterday while I was training for my half-marathon, I had an idea: what if I could start a podcast that didn’t require any planning? What if it didn’t require having to figure out in advance who the guest is going to be, meaning I wouldn’t have to coordinate schedules, and would simply allow me to pick up the phone and start an interview with an entrepreneur. Well, that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Right now, I have the ability to place a call and record it, and at the beginning of that call, I’m going to ask the person I’m interviewing if they have about 20 minutes for me on the phone. From there I’m going to launch into the introduction of that guest and asking them a few standard questions.

I’m most excited about this because I don’t have to plan it. I can spend just a minute or two putting together a quick introduction and bio. I think the spontaneity of this podcast is what will make it great: putting these entrepreneurs on the spot where they’re asked about something that’s important to them, as well as asking about their entrepreneurial activities without giving them a lot of time to prepare, is going to lead to a lot more real and raw of an answer (at least that’s what I’m hoping!)

Look out for this podcast coming soon: you’ll be the first to know when it debuts. We’ve already got two episodes recorded.  I’ve got a few guests in mind, starting with some close friends, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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